“she is THAT good”


I could not have asked for a more compassionate and dedicated photographer for my big day! Alyssa made myself, as well as my husband, feel as though she was not even in the room. But y’all, the photos, the photos she took were stunning, real-life, in-time pictures of things that were happening! Our couple photos may have been staged (somewhat), but the raw emotions and amazing ceremony pictures were absolutely, 100% authentic. I recommend Alyssa to everyone I know that is getting married because she is THAT good. Alyssa does an amazing job of hiring on other photographers to help her during sessions and let me just say, those other photographers are TOP NOTCH too. Your time and money will be well spent using Alyssa Beach as your photographer!


Best decision I ever made!

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It must have been fate. I am a person who does research, meets with the person, and does a trial session when it comes to photography. Unfortunately, I did that with the company I originally went with and went from happy to VERY disappointed. It was getting close to my wedding and I knew I had to go with someone else no matter what because I didn't want to be unhappy on my wedding day and I wanted to look back and love the pictures/memories I had of my big day. So I asked a friend of mine that used Alyssa Beach Photography how she like them for her wedding day. She told me nothing but positive things. And I hired them without even meeting with her! Best decision I ever made! I absolutely LOVE her. She does more then photography, which is not her job, but it's the kind of heart she has. She greeted me very warm and welcome, and off the bat I just knew I was going to be comfortable with my decision. For my bridal photos (first time we met) she helped me with all the buttons I had on my wedding dress. During the photos she knew how to tell me what to do and how to pose (I'm not a natural) and she made me feel comfortable. She will listen to you about what you want and what style you're looking for. She knows what she's doing when it comes to pictures. She's a positive and happy person to be around. And she will make sure you are happy. After using her for my wedding I have already recommended her to people. And she is who I will be wanting to use for any of my future events. She enjoys what she does and you can tell and to me that is what makes the difference.


We could not have been happier with our choice!


...We could not have been happier with our choice! I honestly was blown away when we went to take our engagements and how you took the time to ask us some rapid fire questions about us as a couple. I have always been bothered in the past when photographers try and take some more intimate and special photos of someone or a couple without knowing any background or anything about them. Also, on the wedding day you really helped keep us calm with the rain situation. We were both getting nervous but your smiling face saying "no no no no its not going to happen. it is NOT going to rain" really helped! Your personality is what makes your business so special and in my opinion so successful!! Both Mikey and I have been so happy to see all your posts of all the new business you have got and we cant wait to watch Alyssa Beach Photography explode even more!

— Dylan

“they’re willing to do anything to make the customer happy “


“Alyssa and Jessica flew all the way from Texas to St. Louis to photograph our special day. They were punctual, full of energy and made me feel at ease about everything. Alyssa and Jessica not only helps with the photographs but they scouted out our locations for photos, help me get my family in line, and even buttoned up my dress for me when my mom‘s nails were too long LOL. It just goes to show they’re willing to do anything to make the customer happy and to make sure everybody’s having a good time. They braved the cold with us and made the entire experience enjoyable. After the wedding everybody kept asking where I found these two outgoing photographers. I was lucky enough to have played softball in high school with Jessica. I would recommend them over and over again for weddings and any other special occasions in your life. They are truly genuine and kind human beings and their work is nothing less than amazing. They taught me how to dance to the Texas two-step and joined us on the dance floor which the crowd loved. They turned around our photos in two days with an extra special sneak peek! We love them so much!”


“above and beyond”


Alyssa and her teammate were awesome! Not only did they deliver on capturing every beautiful moment, but they also went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly (even the family photos)!
Definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a seasoned wedding photographer!



They are so fun to work with, and such a positive burst of energy. I enjoy the way the interact with guests and their photos are amazing!

—DJ Forrest



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I gotta say… when I initially asked you about prices, it was just so I could have another option, because I was still unsure about anything photography and I had NO clue what I was doing. You impressed me from the get-go.  Your prices were competitive, and your photos were gorgeous.  You knew what to show me to help me make my decision.  The reason I finally picked you over the others is your experience in working with churches.  The cute indie photographers I was talking to had a thousand outside weddings and not a bunch of inside stuff, and you KNOW how crazy some rules can be about church photography! You also knew exactly how to tell me what to expect.  Your checkmark list of what photos I wanted TO THIS DAY impresses me with how prepared you were.  When I felt like a frazzled mess literally every second, I knew I didn’t have to worry about my photographer being unprepared.  Then my hair and make up was two whole hours late and you never once complained.  You did your job and made me feel calm and like I could actually enjoy the wedding day! You are personable and kind and hilarious and an all-around fun wedding guest.  Your pictures turned out amazing and I still have people compliment some of the gorgeous shots y’all managed to capture. Working with you on my wedding made me want to hire you to photograph my life every day because it was so much less scary than I thought it would be!  


We love you.”

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Our wedding photos couldn't have been more beautiful. The photos really told the story of our special day. Amazing talent and artistry aside, you and your team are so great at keeping everyone comfortable and when working with you one on one for bridals and boudoir it was so relaxed and fun. It is incredibly obvious that you put your whole heart into your work - making the photos stunning and the experience one to remember! On a professional note, I really appreciated our initial meeting, your easy to understand packages and contract, timely responses, and attention to detail when preparing for the big day. Thank you for doing what you do.  We love you!