Hello! I’m Alyssa,
and i’m what they like to call an extroverted extrovert
(or for my enneagram lovers a 7w6: the entertainer)

I’m a wedding photographer residing in Houston, TX…but don’t be mistaken, this girl has her bags packed and passport ready. I have a wandering soul that loves to travel and document the love of adventurous and genuine couples. If you dream of climbing a mountain, exploring the woods, declaring your love by a waterfall or exchange vows in the intimacy of a white wooden chapel, we’re a match made in heaven.

I’m passionate about capturing authentic moments and the love that is unique and different for every couple I get to meet. I’m not into generic because I don’t want to recreate something we’ve seen, I want to capture the real you. Real life inspires me. I want to listen to your stories and reveal them with my camera. I love couples willing to be real, raw and pure and allow me to share your beautiful story.

Your love story, your wedding day…they matter to me! Not in a “I want my picture on a billboard and win a gold star” way, but in a “I want you to re-live your love story every time you look at these images” kind of way…with crocodile tears and a Santa belly laugh. I want to be your photographer, your problem solver when timelines go array and your friend to celebrate alongside of you and your loved ones.

I’m also a wife to a super-stud of a man and a mother of three cuddly, adventure seeking kiddos. I met my husband at an acoustic night at a small coffee shop in 2010. It was the dramatic love-at first-sight story you watch in the movies… and then we got engaged 2 months later. For real. I’m not kidding. People thought we were NUTS.

Now here we are 3 kids later and livin’ our best lives!

Things I love….
Jesus, Disney, Traveling, Tacos, Blue bell vanilla ice cream, Macarons, Broadway musicals, Singing with my husband, Craft beer, Harry Potter and Jamie Fraser

Things I Dislike ….
Snakes, Scary movies, When the bottoms of my jeans get wet, Red lights, Staying in one place too long, When someone wakes my sleeping kiddo

If your dream wedding day matches up with any of my bucket list travel destinations, I’d love to offer you a special package rate.